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Trailer: Intro To The Show

Val Cairney March 25, 2020 171 1

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Welcome to Val Talks Pets: Your Ultimate Guide to Pet Ownership!


At Val Talks Pets, we are devoted to celebrating the joys and navigating the challenges of pet ownership. As passionate pet enthusiasts, we understand the unique bond between pets and their owners, and our mission is to enhance that relationship through our bi-monthly podcast and blog. Whether you’re a new pet parent or a seasoned caretaker, Val Talks Pets is your trusted resource for expert advice, current trends, and heartwarming stories from the pet world.

Explore the Latest Trends

Stay ahead of the curve with our in-depth exploration of the latest trends in pet care. From cutting-edge pet tech innovations to sustainable product choices, we bring you the most relevant and impactful developments in the industry. Learn about advancements in pet health and wellness, discover the benefits of organic and eco-friendly products, and get tips on how to integrate the newest gadgets into your pet care routine.

Exclusive Interviews with Industry Experts

One of the cornerstones of Val Talks Pets is our exclusive interviews with leading professionals in the pet industry. Tune in to hear from veterinarians, trainers, behaviorists, and entrepreneurs who share their knowledge and experiences. We also feature inspiring stories from owners and handlers of service animals, highlighting the incredible contributions these animals make to their communities. These interviews provide valuable insights and practical advice that you can apply to your own pet care practices.

Practical Tips and Heartwarming Stories

Our podcast and blog are rich with practical tips to help you care for your pets. Whether you need guidance on training techniques, behavioral issues, grooming, or seasonal care, we’ve got you covered. In addition to expert advice, we share heartwarming adoption stories and testimonials from pet owners, celebrating the special bonds that make pet ownership so rewarding.

Join the Val Talks Pets Community

At Val Talks Pets, we believe in the power of community. We invite you to join our vibrant network of pet lovers who share, learn, and grow together. Participate by submitting your questions, sharing your stories, and suggesting topics for future episodes and blog posts. Your contributions help us create content that is engaging and relevant to all pet owners.

Stay Connected

Don’t miss a beat! Subscribe to our podcast on your favorite platform and follow our blog to stay updated on the latest episodes and posts. Connect with us on social media for daily tips, news, and interactive discussions. Together, we can make pet ownership a more fulfilling and enjoyable experience.

Thank you for being a part of Val Talks Pets. We are thrilled to have you with us on this journey, where every pet is cherished, and every owner is supported. Welcome to the Val Talks Pets family!

For the price of a coffee, or more if you are feeling generous, you can help keep this podcast going & growing.  Please visit my ko-fi page to make a donation.  Thanks for all your support!

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Email me at: with topics you think would be of interest or with any questions you may have.
Also, visit and be a part of my website at and help it grow!

Thanks for listening!


Val Cairney

Hi everyone, and welcome to Val Talk’s Pets, the forum for pet parents and enthusiasts alike. So, I have been working in the pet industry now for almost 10 years and, on a daily basis, I handle a lot of issues and questions arising from pet parents. I am not a veterinarian but I do have certifications in Canine, Feline, Small Animal, Fish and Herptile and Avian Health and Nutrition from the University of California, Davis Extension, the Vet College.

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