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A Personal Appeal for the Iqaluit Humane Society

Val Cairney November 16, 2020 153

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Hello and welcome to Val Talk’s Pets.  Well this post is not an episode.  It is an appeal.  I’d like to make an appeal directly for the Iqaluit Humane Society.  

In northern Canada the city of Iqaluit in the territory of Nunavut is up against a very serious timeline.  They have a very small shelter that is the size of a bachelor apartment and serves the fly in communities.  They are the only game in town. 

Well, by spring if they cannot raise money to expand their shelter and bring in supplies they will have to close.  On any given day they have at least 25 dogs alone that they care for.  They are looking to raise a million dollars to keep open. 

They have a very nice website at Iqaluit Humane Society and you can donate there by Canada  They handle adoptions through this centre and man are these the most beautiful northern dogs!  They are sponsored by First Air, the Airlines of the North and you can follow them on Facebook and Twitter or contact them directly at 867 979-3651.  Now this is where efforts need to go. 

Since the world went topsy turvy, the rise of acquisitions of dogs and puppies has gone up exponentially. Many local shelters and rescues do not have pups and dogs left which sounds like a dream come true, but it has created a market for rip off artists to backyard puppy mill at unbelievable prices that people are actually paying. Places like the Iqaluit Humane Society really needs help in the form of adoptions and money.  This is where well intended money needs to go.  I would love if we could get a real campaign going to help these beautiful dogs and the amazing, caring and dedicated people who care for them.  This is a tough place up in Iqaluit.  I would hazard a guess that they are not on many people’s donation radar.  If you really, really believe that getting a dog right now is for you, then maybe going this very extra mile to adopt from this location could make you the very person a northern dog is looking for, for love and a wonderful home.

Every little bit helps, so please think of this shelter on the brink of closing and let them know that although they are remote, friends are near.  That is the Iqaluit I-q-a-l-u-i-t, Human Society. 

Thank you everyone!


Its with great sadness that I tell you that the Iqaluit Humane Society has been closed down and set to be demolished. However, the resilient staff continue to look for a place and funding to resurrect their Humane Society. Now more than ever they need our help.

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Val Cairney

Hi everyone, and welcome to Val Talk’s Pets, the forum for pet parents and enthusiasts alike. So, I have been working in the pet industry now for almost 10 years and, on a daily basis, I handle a lot of issues and questions arising from pet parents. I am not a veterinarian but I do have certifications in Canine, Feline, Small Animal, Fish and Herptile and Avian Health and Nutrition from the University of California, Davis Extension, the Vet College.

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